Product Launch Template

The product launch template will help you define key influencing players, ideate content, and launch activities to execute a step-by-step launch process.


What is this for?

Every market has a set of ecosystem or infrastructure of players between your product and your target audience that influence each other. The 10% of the market players in this ecosystem influence the other 90%. They are the ones who will position your product or innovation in the market, driven by delivering messages and communications based on their perceptions.

You don't position your product, the market does it — influenced by your market ecosystem of players.

We have observed that leveraging your market ecosystem or infrastructure key players is the best approach to help the market position your product in a way that highlights your strengths and reduces the perceived risk of buying from you.

A successful product launch plan acknowledges this market truth by including all the key players in the launch or commercialization sequence. By building relationships with the top 10% of players in your ecosystem, you can address their concerns about your product and nurture them with custom marketing messages they can share with the rest of the market. A product launch plan built with this in mind increases Word-Of-Mouth to position products, optimizes market pull, drives influence, and builds the foundations to achieve market leadership.

There are different ways you can use this product launch plan template:

  • Define an organized sequence with a visual timeline for a technology introduction, product launches, commercialization, or repositioning.
  • Ideate through the content strategy needed to engage with the different players influencing your market.
  • Drive team alignment around the product launch plan by having a shared understanding of key players to target, owners, content, and activities.
  • Define the market ecosystem or infrastructure layers that separate your product from your target audience and can act as word-of-mouth marketing channels, positioning your product in the market.
  • Understand and define the ecosystem organizations and individuals influencing your market.
  • Test / validate your technology and positioning messages by introducing it to key players layer by layer.
  • Drive industry-wide awareness.

What's the content?

You'll get immediate access to a Miro board version so that you can duplicate and use it as a template. Use it with your product marketing team to build the product launch plan together and drive team alignment.

BONUS: In the same Miro board you'll find a product launch checklist that follows our go-to-market strategy framework.

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