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We are the living heritage of Diffusion of Innovations and the thinkers behind The Chasm Marketing model. Our team's capabilities lay at the intersection of 3 worlds: go-to-market strategy, innovation strategy and business management.

That knowledge positions us to help leaders in stablished businesses with B2B tech + software innovations enter or create emerging markets and win in competitive ones.

We believe that our technology markets understanding comes with a big responsibility: we must fight against marketing strategy misconceptions and hypes that are killing countless products.

why we exist

Helping B2B tech-based products accelerate market's acceptance

95% of

Time and time again, we see technology and software innovations fall victim of growth hacks, ads, features overdevelopment, and countless hyped tactics pushed before the right target audience and growth path has been selected. They get stuck in The Chasm and no tactic is going to help.

We help tech
join the 5% club.

We help B2B Tech/SaaS select the best market opportunity, defining who your target audience should be, and designing an optimum go-to-market strategy and innovation strategy to win that market. At the same time, we advise on how to integrate it into your current business model.

With our proven methods
for B2B tech and software.

Our frameworks for tech, popularized in the "Crossing The Chasm" book, have been proven and refined in over 200+ products during 30 years by our team. With them, we've helped CEOs, founders, and product marketing leaders launch new products, enter new markets and accelerate mainstream acceptance.

The brains behind The Marketing Chasm

Crossing The Chasm Frameworks

The Marketing Chasm is a sales stagnation or adoption gap impacting discontinuous or disruptive technology-based products. It happens between a group of buyers that likes new things - early adopters-, and another group that hesitates to adopt new things - the mainstream.

Warren Schirtzinger, our Strategy Principal, and Lee James observed and documented this phenomenon in 1989. This model inspired the name and some content of the book Crossing The Chasm, published in 1991.


We want meaningful products to have a fighting chance

We love technology — we specialize in it! From the first manmade fire to AI/ML and other world-changing technologies, we believe each product has the potential to move humanity forward. They just have to follow the Technology Adoption Lifecycle to succeed.

That's why we challenge the marketing strategy misconceptions and hypes that destroy product survival chances. No product should fail before it has a shot at being the next greatest thing.

our team

Meet your market building allies

Managing Partner & Founder

Jose Bermejo

Jose Bermejo
Sr. Partner, Strategy Principal. Pioneer of "The Chasm" model


Warren Schirtzinger
Life Sciences Industry Expert


Rebeca Sanz
Jose Bermejo
Managing Partner & Senior Strategy Consultant

Jose Bermejo

Hi there! Thanks for your interest on learning more about us. As a founder, every single sign of interest and curiosity on what we do counts!

Since I was born, I've learned the arts of the old entrepreneurship: my grandfather was a farmer entrepreneur, my father a carpenter entrepreneur, and my mom was a real estate entrepreneur. I helped all of them and learned every single day with them.

I define myself as a management and strategy scholar. I don’t stop learning both from the field and from continuous education. I’m MBA from IESE Business School and Disruptive Strategy certification from Harvard University. Probably my next step is to teach what I’ve learned over all these years.

My curiosity drives me to create new methods and frameworks by putting together the sciences of management, go-to-market, and innovation, with a strong foundation on human behavior and motivations — human-centered design —  to help founders and leaders succeed with their ideas, products, and commercialization plans.

I founded Predictable Innovation to help innovations and technology-based products succeed fastest so that we can push human progress forward through better innovations and products.

Throughout my career, I led business development, sales, and go-to-market teams as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) in B2B software companies in the United States and Europe.

In 2015, I also ideated and launched a B2C commercial real estate innovation that disrupted the market with a new, digital business model.

As Chief Commercial Officer for software companies,  I've helped to drive 2x growth and 3x EBITDA.

Warren Schirtzinger
Senior Strategy Consultant... and an authentic marketing pioneer!


My grandfather was a professor at Ohio State University along with Everett Rogers, so I learned all about “Diffusion of Innovations”.

I pioneered the development of the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle, “The Marketing Chasm" (later popularized in Crossing The Chasm), the Customer Alignment Lifecycle™, and the Low-Risk Recipe™. Some of the frameworks we have at Predictable Innovation to accelerate tech-based products diffusion and adoption.

Among my key achievements are the development ofthe go to market strategy for several of the most significant technological innovations of the last twenty years, including the likes of Apple, Adobe, Harman International, Intermec, MicroConnex, Audion Labs, BioScan, Pacific Horizon Ventures, and many others.

Along my 30+ years of career, I've helped to bring to market 200+ technology-based products.

Nicholas Stemkowski
Head of strategy assessments

Nicholas Stemkowski

Hi there!

I lead and organize our market research and strategy data to inform and build focused strategies for our partners and clients.

Prior to joining Predictable Innovation, I led the development of a growth strategy for large non-profits, overseeing thousands of constituents by leveraging qualitative and quantitative research methods, and guided the execution of key initiatives across the industry.

I've founded and operated a company leveraging modern innovation theory to disrupt, transform, and accelerate the adoption of analytics technology in the sports industry, primarily in the Southeast US.

I hold an M.Ed. in Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University and an M.B.A from Quantic School of Busines and Technology.

I'd love to bring my more than a decade of experience as a coach, instructor, and teacher, maximizing organizational alignment and leadership development to help your product and business succeed.

Rebeca Sanz
Life Sciences Industry Expert

Rebeca Sanz

Hi there! Rebeca here!

I am the life sciences industry expert for Predictable Innovation.

After a successful collaboration when I was CMO at Sincrolab, I liked their approach to the extent that I started contributing in Predictable Innovation's research projects s Industry Expert.

I bring an industry-specific angle built on 15+ years of experience in between B2B healthcare and life science organizations, such as pharmaceuticals [Abbott], medical devices, CROs [Syneos Health], and the emerging digital therapeutics [Sincrolab] market.

More recently, I've been leading the strategy and commercial efforts in the clinical trials SaaS and professional services arena  [DF/Net Research].

I have an MS in Nutrition and Pharmacy Degree. In addition, hold an MBA from IESE Business School and a certificate in Disruptive Strategy from Harvard University.

if you think I can help, let's connect and chat!


🎙️ The Unstoppable Product Podcast

The Unstoppable Product - Strategy Podcast

Listen to our show every 2 weeks  for battle-tested strategies for B2B high-tech businesses and innovations to achieve a "go-to solution" status in your market by following the behavioral science of Diffusion of Innovations.

We use real-world examples and case studies to cover topics like go-to-market strategy, crossing the chasm, differentiation, positioning strategy, category creation, market building, competitive advantage, and market analysis.

Decode what your customers really buy. Transform your products into the go-to solution. Become an unstoppable market force.


Whole product 3
01. Compatibile and familiar
02. Complete solution with support
03. Trial before commitment
04. Trusted channels
Whole product 2
05. Standards and certification
06. Complimentary products
07. Sponsorship or endorsement
08. IP and patents
Whole product 1
09. Visible or word of mouth references
10. Community based communication
11. Security and privacy
12. Universal support

How tech buyers decide?

Our 6 frameworks — 3 intellectual property— uphold the science of how humans buy and adopt innovations and technologies. They follow the predictable patterns of the Diffusion Of Innovations, a sociological model popularized by Everett Rogers, and later updated by Warren Schirtzinger with The Chasm Marketing concept, popularized in the book "Crossing The Chasm".

During the last 30 years we've been refining these models, uncovering the 12 key decision-making drivers for tech buyers in every phase of a market category.

Use the graphic on the left to explore the 12 attributes that technology buyers evaluate. Make sure to build them to differentiate and win in the mainstream or past P/M fit.

Learn our key frameworks

Principles we live by


Market first.

The market knows best, that's a fact. Every strategy we craft is driven by a market analysis with qualitative market data about your category, your product, your audience and your competitors. This data feeds our frameworks to build strategies that follow the behavioral drivers in technology buying decisions.


Bring the market to you.

We work to improve your product’s buy-ability rather than your sell-ability to attract and convince more and better buyers. Sure, you want to sell, but how easy is for your customers to buy and adopt your product? That's your "buy-ability".


Fit with the market, again.

Yes, we use the term product-market fit, but that's an obsolete concept because technology buyers' motivations evolve as your market matures (The Technology Adoption Lifecycle).

Product-market fit must be maintained and realigned. We work to align your market strategy with the market lifecycle of your product as the key to outperform average growth.


Defensible growth > tactical growth.

A strong market strategy outperforms short-term tactics by building differentiators and moats — other than technology and features — that make businesses hard to copy or fail in the long-run.


We’ve been helping tech leaders long enough to know what NOT to do

30 years to be specific! Armed with our knowledge on Diffusion of Innovations, we've crafted winning strategies for 200+ products, including some of the most significant innovations over the last three decades.

Pioneers behind proven methods

Our Chasm Marketing framework, a refinement of the Technology Adoption Lifecycle, inspired the book Crossing The Chasm in the early 90s. Then we continued creating methods for tech products —3 patented — to select the right markets, and build go-to-market strategies. to win them.

market view

No more guessing. Our market-first methodology is driven by a market analysis through qualitative interviews. This brings your team and ourselves an unbiased perspective to craft your market strategy based on what your market believes and needs.

We'll take your hand

With our studio model we'll work as a part of your team to solve your execution challenges, adjust your go-to-market approach and guide you to achieve positive results for your product.

Entrepreneurs + executives in tech

We have a diverse experience bringing new ideas to life, growing mature businesses and managing enterprise products. This management angle helps our clients drive organizational alignment and cover managerial gaps to execute the strategy.

Playing the long run

We fit best with leaders who want to play the long run to build endurable products and businesses through sustainable, defensible and profitable growth.

100% custom strategies

We take pride in building a completely custom, market-first strategy for every product and company we help.

Are we the right partner for you?

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Book a no-strings, no-pitch discovery meeting with our founder and CEO, Jose Bermejo. If nothing else, it will be a worthwhile conversation.