Introhive launches a new disruptive product in salestech

From product concept to a focused GTM strategy that overcomes potential market objections.


When Julie told us about their need to introduce a software innovation in the sales tech space, she had the experience, expertise, and team to make it happen.

However, like many of our clients, they needed extra capacity from a strategic partner to bring an objective perspective on how the product would fit into Introhive’s perceived market position, market-test the concept, craft a differentiated product positioning, and design a complete product offering to drive product adoption by overcoming buying objections.

Many of the go-to-market strategy core elements were there. They just needed to be focused, clarified, validated, and put together into a strategic plan aligned with how technology buying decisions are made (see Low-Risk Recipe™).

"Predictable Innovation really gets the job done! They've implemented the best-in-class Go to Market process for our new product introductions."

Julie Taylor

Product & Customer Marketing Director


We worked as an integrated extension of Introhive’s product marketing team, helping Julie’s team to gain an innovation adoption and market strategy perspective to bring new products to market.

We gathered feedback on the product concept from influencing experts in the market ecosystem of Introhive to understand current market beliefs, competition, and potential objections to adopting the new product.

Armed with the market-test findings, we designed the ideal customer profile and a complete solution offering to drive market support by reducing objections and adoption frictions. We crafted clear positioning messages, value proposition, and sales enablement assets aligned with market beliefs. We also advised on an early adopter program execution to continue learning and refining the GTM strategy.


Julie was so delighted with the results that she extended our initial engagement to design and advise on go-to-market strategies for their new products and innovations.

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