Predictable Innovation tools

We're creating and open-sourcing 14 strategy and innovation tools — and growing — to help you discover markets, launch, and accelerate traction of B2B high-tech and software products.

🤖 Artificial Intelligence Tools

Get free advice and angles by GPTs trained with our knowledge and strategy frameworks. Just bear in mind that they are experimental!

Jobs-To-Be-Done Template Canvas ChatGPT
B2B Customer Journey Map Discovery ChatGPT
Positioning Statement Generator ChatGPT
Product & Go-to-market strategy ChatGPT Advisor
High-Tech Positioning Strategist ChatGPT
Ecosystem Map ChatGPT

💡Miro Boards & Canvases

Use these boards to problem-solve with your team innovation, positioning and go-to-market challenges related with your strategy.

Market Opportunity Analysis Miro Board
Ideal Customer Profile Discovery Miro Board
Market Positioning / Product Launch Plan Miro Board
→ Competitor Analysis Miro Board

🔎 Online Assessments

Find the gaps that are delaying or stalling your growth.

Go-to-market Strategy Assessment
Crossing The Chasm Assessment

✅ Checklists

Make sure you're on the right track with these checklists.

B2B Product Launch Checklist
→ Partner Ecosystem Checklist

📚 Books

Gain deep knowledge on the behavioral science behind high-tech markets to build your strategy.

The Art of High-Tech Positioning Book