You don't need more product features to sell more

You need a product marketing strategy aligned with the predictable evolution of your market that reduces the risk perception of your product.

Who we are

We are product marketing + sales strategy consultants and practitioners. We partner with B2B tech/SaaS to expand market acceptance and build sustainable, defensible growth faster — all of this following our proprietary frameworks!

30+ years

Helping tech products grow


Products consulted

Our product marketing consultants have developed the strategy of some of the most influential technological advancements over the last three decades

Do you recognize your symptoms?

Whether your tech product is at the initial introduction stage or in late-stage, we will guide you to make better revenue generating decisions.

Crossing "The Chasm" or Death Valley

"Our product's growth struggles to keep pace after product-market fit"

Mainstream competition

"We are growing, but we think we are not achieving our full growth potential"

Mature markets/products

"After successful years in our industry, we are struggling to close new sales, build pipe and retain customers"

We accelerate your product's market acceptance while building sales, marketing & product alignment

"Predictable Innovation brings the experience, skills and knowledge to accelerate any innovation growth process. They completely clarified our GoToMarket strategy to accelerate our tech product adoption in the USA market."

David Cano, MBA Arnaya CoFounder

GoToMarket Strategy

Understanding your competitive landscape, market category dynamics, customer motivations, and segments to target your product is the first step to entering new markets or increasing market share. We'll help you build a laser-focus product marketing strategy with qualitative market research to prioritize your segment opportunities and build your key positioning messages.

Product Offering Strategy

Accelerating growth or expanding market acceptance is not only about offering more tangible core features. It's about reducing your product's risk perception in the eyes of your prospective customers. With the guidance of the Low-Risk Recipe™, our proprietary framework, we'll understand exactly what your target market wants so that they'll buy more and faster from you. An improved low-risk offering will set you in a position to expand your product's market acceptance and reduce sales cycles while building competitive advantage. This is what sets us apart from other product marketing consulting firms for tech! 

Sales Strategy

A market-leading growth strategy requires adaptation to the characteristics of your customer's motivations and your market-category infrastructure. That means selling and marketing through familiar channels for your customers, and build the right sales management approachPartners, sales , marketing and Word-Of-Mouth communications, we'll help you find channels to reach new prospective customers and increase market influence, while assiting to build the right sales management programs and plans to grow faster, cheaper.

Not another product marketing consulting firm... as experienced CxOs, we'd love to execute with you!

Think on us like your product marketing & sales executives team that will lay out and execute the best strategy for accelerating market acceptance for your product so that you can focus on other things! This is how we'll ensure driving expected results for your company.

See what customers value in your product offering as your market evolves with the lens of the Low-Risk Recipe

The framework that makes our product marketing process unique to reduce sales-cycles, increase closing rates and build competitive advantage in every stage of your product's adoption.

Opposite to popular thinking, 85% of your potential product adopters evaluate their buying decisions with more than core product features or performance.

They see your core product/innovation and company as a whole, evaluating up to 12 intangible, non-core attributes in your offering to understand the risk of buying from you.

We have put together 30 years of insights while consulting tech/SaaS businesses on product marketing and sales in our cornerstone framework to accelerate revenue growth: The Low-Risk Recipe™. The latest evolution of the whole product concept to guide you through creating a low-risk perception product offering and convince your prospective customers to buy from you instead of your competition.

The Low-Risk Recipe™ is the proprietary framework that sets us apart from our competition. We use it in our product marketing consulting engagements to assess the alignment of your business with the offering demanded by your customers in every stage of your market. And it guides us to reduce the risk perception of your product to reduce sales-cycles and increase closing rates, while building competitive advantage.

"Predictable Innovation opened our eyes with their Low-Risk Recipe and guidance. Now we know what our target segment wants to see in our product offering to accelerate revenue."

Global Revenue & Growth Director, DFNet

Create an irresistible low-risk product offering to accelerate your product's market acceptance

We have spent three decades helping tech companies like you speed up market acceptance and reduce sales-cycles. After all, we are the pioneers of the Technology Adoption Lifecycle and Low-Risk Recipe™!




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