Go-to-market strategy? Sure. But, to which market?

find your best target.

A market building studio for B2B software + tech innovations

We help B2B software + tech leaders to find the right target market, optimize go-to-market strategies and iterate new products to:

Accelerate product-market fit
Launch innovations successfully
Differentiate new products
Build new revenue streams

Armed with our 30+ years experience on Diffusion of Innovations and The Marketing Chasm, our team has helped 200+ innovations discover and build markets, from Fortune 50 to scale-ups and established businesses.

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Recognize your symptoms?

Different symptoms, same underlying problem: your innovation's go-to-market strategy is not aligned with buyer's motivations and market realities — And it's delaying your new product revenue.

It's taking too much time to land early customers. Sales reps are losing faith in the product and we're not driving the expected market attention.

Are we in the right track by launching this way?

New features and ideas are all over the place.

How do we select the right ones to create and launch a product that the market desires?

Prospective customers don't get what we do and don't see the need to use our innovation.

How do we overcome market skepticism to take off the product asap?


Bridging the GAP between innovations and market realities

An integrated approach to innovation strategy and go-to-market strategy consulting: discovering the right target markets to strategize the right products and communicate with the right message as you build your market ecosystem with education.

go to market strategy consulting + innovation strategy framework

Are you in the right track to product/market fit?

Innovation and go-to-market strategy online assessment

Assess 39 elements and 8 dimensions of your innovation + go-to-market strategy with our online assessment.

Know where to put more efforts to achieve product/market fit.


What leaders in tech say

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Introhive discovers its best target market to accelerate product-market fit.

"Predictable Innovation really gets the job done! They've  implemented a best-in-class go-to-market strategy for our new product by focusing on how to overcome market objections."

Julie Taylor

Product Marketing Director

Sincrolab accelerates 50% traction in < 4 months by pivoting its target market

"Predictable Innovation's different approach of market engineering have been an absolute turning point to drive bottom-line results."

Rebeca Sanz

Chief Marketing Officer

Virnect defines its USA market entry strategy by prioritizing +120 potential use cases, segments and industries

"Predictable Innovation has been instrumental to prioritize the segments to enter in the US with a differentiated value proposition for our Augmented Reality solution."

Jin Park

Global Business Development

The brains behind The Marketing Chasm

Crossing The Chasm Frameworks

The Marketing Chasm is a sales stagnation or adoption gap impacting discontinuous or disruptive technology-based innovations. It happens between a group of buyers that likes new things - early adopters-, and another group that hesitates to adopt new things - the mainstream.

This phenomenon was first observed and documented by Warren Schirtzinger, our Strategy Principal, and Lee James in 1989. This model inspired the book Crossing The Chasm, published in 1991.


Thought Leadership

Spreading the voice of all we know — so we can help more innovations thrive.