Go to Market strategy consulting and market research for B2B software — a human behavior-based approach.

Buying behaviors decoded.
Messages that resonate.
Story that drives action.
Products that grow.

We help go-to-market leaders and founders in B2B software:

Discover your best-fit target market
Nail your value proposition
Compel buyers with a strategic narrative aligned with their motivations
Optimize your distribution approach

All by predicting hidden buyer's motivations, needs and behaviors following our Marketing Chasm models.

With 30+ years of behavioral science experience in the Diffusion of Innovations and The Marketing Chasm, our go to market strategy consulting team has helped 200+ high-tech products discover new markets and win in competitive ones, from Fortune 50 to scale-ups and established businesses.

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Are these your symptoms?


Your positioning and strategic narrative don't trigger buyer's motivations

Tech buyers fall into one of five psychographic profiles. Some are more risk-averse than others. The buyers you're attracting think that your product is too risky for them And it's stalling your traction.

Discover the buyer profile you are attracting and what they really buy

Why they buy

To explore new things and find opportunities to be an agent of change.

What they buy

A vision of possibility rather than a product.

What they evaluate

Value Drivers:
Technology, scientific or research base
Long-term possibilities and impact

How they evaluate

They focus just on building their perception of value.


Very high


Very High


2.5% of buyers are in this group.
Not a big opportunity!

Why they buy

To find a breakthrough that helps them achieve a competitive advantage, stand out over their peers or gain visibility.

What they buy

A scarce high-tech product or custom project with unproven but expected exceptional, functional, strategic or social benefits.

What they evaluate

Value Drivers:
Use Cases / Jobs-To-Be-Done
Features & Capabilities
Product roadmap & vision
Product uniqueness
Product scarcity
Breakthrough impact
Social and status impact

Risk Reduction Drivers:
Adoption support
Adaptation to end-user workflow

How they evaluate

They mainly focus on building their perception of the value of adopting your technology.


Very high




13.5% of buyers are in this group.
Not bad, but they tend to churn.

Why they buy

To simplify what they already do. They want to solve a specific problem and gain an evolutionary improvement.

What they buy

A proven category of product with a perfect fit for their specific use case, endorsed by industry peers.

What they evaluate

Value Drivers:
Problem or use case fit
Product roadmap

Risk Reduction Drivers:
Familiar User Experience
Training & Adoption Support
Integration with end-user workflow
Tech stack integration
Industry-specific case studies
Existing category with competition
Short time-to-value

How they evaluate

They build a balanced perception of the value versus risk of adopting your solution.


High to Moderate


Moderate to Low


34% of buyers are in this group.
This is where you win and scale.

Why they buy

To avoid the penalties of not adopting new solutions. They don't want to be left behind but are almost the latest buyers to move.

What they buy

A proven, simplified product by a well-known brand with a high level of support at a low total cost of ownership.

What they evaluate

Value Drivers:
Problem or use case fit
Tech stack integration
Integration with end-user workflow

Risk Reduction Drivers:
Familiar User Experience
Training & Adoption Support
Existing category with competition
Short time-to-value
Company track record and stability
Universal support & standardization
Sponsors, Partners & Allies
Familiar (or local) channels
Complementary products/services

How they evaluate

They mainly focus on understanding the risks rather than the value of adopting your solution.






34% of buyers are in this group.
This is where you sustain growth.

Connecting your product to your buyer's mind


Behavioral Market Research

Reveal the motivations of the type of buyers you're attracting by decoding market and buyer's behaviors through research:

- Customer research interviews
- Market ecosystem interviews
- ICP analysis
- Secondary market research
- SWOT analysis
- Market Validation Tests

Pricing starts at $4,000


Strategic Narrative (Positioning) Reframing

Convince prospective buyers and become the owner of a market space with a positioning and story aligned with you buyer's motivations by defining:

- Who is your best-fit target market
- Why they are motivated to buy now
- How you solve their use case
- What's their compelling reason to buy
- What makes you different
- Why should they trust you
- How can you defend this position in the long term

Pricing starts at $4,500
See all the positioning plans


Go-to-Market Strategy Optimization

Once focused your North Star (Strategic Narrative), optimize the following go-to-market strategy elements:

- Website & sales narrative / messaging
- Launch / awareness plan
- Packaging and pricing
- Distribution channels strategy
- Sales & marketing funnel
- Partner ecosystem strategy

Pricing plans:
- CEO / CXO Coaching is $5,000 /mo
- Fractional Chief Growth Officer starts at $10,000 /mo

* All services start with a free go-to-market strategy health assessment. That way we can test the waters, discover the root problem of your situation and make sure we're a good fit.


We're not for you if you're looking for an agency to burn money on growth hacks, ads, outreach or other short-term tactics targeting an uncertain market.

We're for leaders willing to make bold choices now to win tomorrow, and switch from a me-too product perception to the go-to solution everyone trusts in your market.

CXOs and founders in B2B software

Established businesses and scale-ups willing to:

Startups willing to:


Get a FREE go-to-market strategy health report

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What leaders in tech say

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Introhive discovers its best type of buyer and overcomes market skepticism.

"Predictable Innovation really gets the job done! They've  implemented a best-in-class go-to-market strategy to find the right buyers, overcome market objections and accelerate traction for our software product."

Julie Taylor

Product Marketing Director

Sincrolab accelerates 50% traction in < 4 months by pivoting its target market

"Predictable Innovation's angle to go-to-market strategy consulting with behavioral science has been an absolute turning point to drive more sales for us!"

Rebeca Sanz

Chief Marketing Officer

Virnect selects its target market to enter the USA among +120 potential use cases, segments and industries

"Predictable Innovation's team has been instrumental in discovering the best-fit buyers and optimizing our go-to-market strategy. "

Jin Park

Global Business Development

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The Unstoppable Product - Strategy Podcast

Listen to our show every 2 weeks  for battle-tested strategies for B2B high-tech businesses and innovations to achieve a "go-to solution" status in your market by following the behavioral science of Diffusion of Innovations.

We use real-world examples and case studies to cover topics like go-to-market strategy, crossing the chasm, differentiation, positioning strategy, category creation, market building, competitive advantage, and market analysis.

Decode what your customers really buy. Transform your products into the go-to solution. Become an unstoppable market force.