Sincrolab accelerates 50% traction in < 4 months

Sincolab focused its positioning and completed their offering to accelerate traction.


Sincrolab needed to accelerate its early traction to secure the next funding round.

After closing a financing round in late 2021, Sincrolab had a runaway of 18 months. They needed to make the most of their funding round to gain as much traction as possible and secure the next round before mid-2023.

Sincrolab approached the go-to-market by generating sales through BOFU lead generation tactics with a broad positioning. They also invested in advertising and hired sales closers. At the same time, their product offering was based on heavily developing a core product with multiple features.

5 months after working with this strategy, Rebeca, the new CMO at Sincrolab, thought that they might be having go-to-market inefficiencies delaying their growth. They had too many low-quality leads, very long sales cycles, and too high CAC.

"Predictable Innovation's completely different strategic methods have been an absolute turning point in our go-to-market approach to drive bottom-line results."

Rebeca Sanz



Use a category-creation approach to strategic positioning, product development and growth tactics.

After consulting with us, Rebeca confirmed her suspicions. They were using hyped mainstream tactics, whereas Sincrolab was creating an absolutely new market: prescription-based digital therapeutics for ADHD. A mainstream GTM strategy simply doesn’t work for early markets – and the other way around.

We acted as trusted advisors for Rebeca, who used our go-to-market approach, based on how technologies & innovations are accepted and bought by markets.

Sincrolab moved away from a wide positioning by narrowing down its primary target segment and value proposition. They divested in broad advertising and spent less money while targeting the new ICP. Also, they reallocated sales closing (BOFU) resources to develop and educate their early market (TOFU).

Lastly, Sincrolab, applied The Low-Risk Recipe™ to complete its product offering by creating a complimentary service to prescribe its software with in-house psychologists, instead of spending all its product investments on software developers to build new core features.


A quarter into the implementation of the new strategy, Rebeca’s team achieved:

50% Sales Cycles Length Reduction

48% CAC reduction

x2 B2B Sales Closing Rates

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