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Go to Market Strategy Services

A go to market strategy that works for a mainstream buyer, won't work for an early market buyer. Your areas of focus depend on the maturity of the market you compete - the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle.

Our angle embraces this behavioral reality to design your strategy and product aligned with the market you're willing to enter or create.

WHAT are go to market services?

Go to market strategy services are a strategic approach to plan and execute a market entry or a market building strategy for a new product.

With existing products facing a growth plateau, go to market strategy must be revisited.

Our go to market services approach involves market research, competitor analysis, segmentation, target audience identification, market testing, offering design, marketing planning, ecosystem strategy, partnerships identification, and sales strategy development.

HOW can our go to market strategy capabilities help you?

Accelerate traction by discovering your best fit buyers, reframing your positioning and designing a go-to-market strategy aligned with how humans buy high-tech.

Market needs & value proposition validation

Gather market evidence to de-risk, reinforce, or invalidate your product innovation and go-to-market assumptions.

Customer profiling & value proposition design

Gain a deep understanding of buying behaviors, unsolved pains, jobs to be done, desired outcomes and buyer's journey of your target market.

Product positioning & differentiation

Articulate differentiated and relevant messages to allow your product to be seen as the go-to brand by matching your positioning with your prospective buyers' behaviors.

Market analysis & target market selection

Gain insights into your market trends, competitive landscape, and potential targets.

Discover and prioritize target markets and niches for your products, based on the buying behaviors.

Pricing strategy

Find the right price that provides profits for your organization, incentivizes distribution channels, and returns investment for your target customers.

Test the willingness to pay for your innovation as you go to market.

Commercialization & awareness sequence

Define a commercial organization to sell and educate (build) your market as you introduce your product and drive awareness.

Channels selection & enablement

Reach the right market and focus your investments by defining and creating familiar sales and marketing channels for your target.

Craft marketing, partnerships, and sales enablement assets that align with your market opportunity.

Business strategy impact

Your current business strategy can reinforce or kill your go-to-market strategy. Assess the impact of your product on your business strategy to enhance your competitive advantage and value creation in the long run.

Ecosystem & partner strategy

Find and recruit ecosystem players influencing buying decisions to increase your product’s perceived value, accelerate your go to market, and build competitive advantage.

What are our offers?

What it is?

We'll take your hand to transform your high-tech product into a profitable business by making better decisions with on-going coaching .

What's the price?

$2,500 / mo
No minimum commitment.
Cancel anytime

What's included?

Monthly 2x45-minute 1:1 coaching calls
1 x quarterly team workshop
Specific video tutorials to solve your challenges - If we don't have a video, we'll create them for you.
Templates and tools to drive execution

What can we help you with?

Market analysis and Validation
Positioning Strategy
Product offering Design
Commercial organization structure
Launch / Awareness Sequence
Ecosystem and Partner Strategy
Sales & Marketing Funnels
Commercial Leadership

What it is?

Live engaging session to solve a specific problem.

What's the price?

From $2,500 to $12,000
Money-back guarantee

What's included?

Diagnosis call to define the problem
Digital Whiteboard and session flow preparation
Online working session with up to 10 team members to solve your specific problem
Post session Q&A

What can we help you with?

These are the highest demand working sessions, so you have an idea of what can we do for you:
Positioning & Messaging Workshop
Customer / Market Selection Workshop
Customer / ICP Discovery Workshop
Jobs-To-Be-Done Discovery Workshop
Traction Acceleration Workshop
GTM Strategy Workshop
Product Launch / Awareness Workshop

What it is?

We'll become an extension of your team to analyze your market(s), select the right ones, align your go-to-market strategy and launch your product.

What's the price?

From $5,000 / mo
No minimum commitment.
Cancel anytime.

What's included?

Everything in the coaching package
1x monthly acceleration sessions with your team
Embedded in your corporate tools
10 - 15 market interviews / month to inform your strategy
 The specific deliverables will depend on your needs

What can we help you with?

We have 3 types of ongoing services packages:

Market Research
Through qualitative research, we'll reveal insights you wouldn't expect from your potential customers, industry, competitors, and your market ecosystem.

Market Strategy
Remove strategic unknowns
and get a clear go-to-market direction that follows the behaviors science of the innovation adoption curve.

Market Building
Accelerate your sales
or launch with execution on market validation, early customer onboarding and channel building.


Objective perspective

You can't see the bottle's label from the inside.

We will make sense of customer research, market data, and industry insights to inform your go-to-market strategy decisions from an objective perspective.

3-week feedback-loops

Each sprint is a 3-week feedback loop with concrete market education, knowledge objectives, and action items.

This ensures a steady flow of market information to refine your go-to-market and product, move fast toward goals, and control team alignment.

Market building approach

A market is not only formed by customers but by an ecosystem. Without an ecosystem, there's no market.

Our studio approach includes market education and ecosystem creation to build your market as we validate, test, and launch.

Building buyer's acceptance

Buyer's acceptance and market expansion are about lowering the risk perception of your product. That's what we'll do with the guidance of the Brand Differentiation Wheel™.

Market-tests and insights

We'll test, validate, and refine your positioning, value proposition, and product offering with different experiments and real people in your target market and ecosystem.

Tactical execution

We'll transform market insight, ideas, and knowledge into tactical implementation action items to build your market as we launch, validate, learn and gather feedback.

Are we the right partner for you?

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