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Go to Market Workshop

A 3-phase go-to-market workshop designed to gain market insight, remove unknowns and define the go-to-market plan and launch strategy for early-stage B2B software and technology products.


What is a go to market workshop?

The sprint approach

Go to market strategy workshop

A go to market workshop is a strategic planning session to align your key stakeholders and develop a comprehensive plan to launch a product or service.

It helps define your target audience, messaging, sales, and marketing strategies. It also identifies potential obstacles to ensure a successful market entry.

Our sprint approach is designed to reduce the time-to-market of new products while enhancing and aligning teams during the sessions.

The Google Ventures Design Sprint inspires our method. With our GTM Sprint, we pack the key parts of our frameworks and methods in a structured go-to-market workshop program with sessions to define or refresh your go-to-market strategy from a customer-centric perspective.

A go-to-market strategy workshop works better than other consulting or fractional leadership engagements when you're in a rush, have execution capacity, and want to drive team alignment, engagement, and enhancement.

How it works?

After the live sessions, we'll deliver a tailored action plan to cover your go-to-market and product GAPs. We'll help you move from idea to validation and launch with a final Q&A session.

(*) We can execute a single-session workshop focusing on a specific step of your strategy.

Our go to market workshop sprint compresses months of work into 1 to 4 days of effective, pleasant, and creative team collaboration.

The idea is simple: a small team of 2 to 12 members dedicates itself to following the live sessions for 1 to 4 days, rapidly progressing from uncertainty to clarity and focus.

Your team will actively design your new gtm strategy during the working sessions. Our go-to-market and innovation coaches will be prepared with market strategy insights gained through interviews and secondary research to enrich the sessions with an external, objective perspective.

go to market workshop process

What your workshop includes?

By the end of the go to market workshop, you'll have a complete gtm plan with actionable insights following our 11- point gtm strategy framework:

Segmentation and best target audience (potential early customers) identification.

Ideal customer profile definition (icp or persona): pain points, jobs-to-be-done, desired outcomes, and buyer's journey.
Intangible product attributes roadmap, based on The Brand Differentiation Wheel™ framework.

Unique value proposition differentiated from competitive solutions and positioning framework, including key messages.

Distribution channels plan that includes sales and marketing and partner identification.

Product validation and launch sequence: market research, demand validation, pricing testing, beta testing program, and marketing plan for general availability.

Market ecosystem identification to get the support of the top 10% influencing players in your target market for your launch.

Business model impact: how your new product aligns with your current business strategy and how it impacts your competitive advantage.

Execution roadmap.


What to expect from a GTM workshop?

Drive team alignment

Align your product, marketing, product marketing, and sales team.

Create a shared vision and strategic direction on who to target, what to launch, how to compete, communicate, distribute, drive revenue, and go-to-market KPIs.

Upskill your team

As we go, we'll provide bite-sized concepts to strategically prioritize growth opportunities, focus your positioning, differentiate from competitors, and bring innovations to market.

We'll give you all the tools and templates so that your team can keep using them to solve future challenges.

Remove strategic unknowns

By asking the right questions, your team will discover insights about your market you did not even know.

From clarifying jobs-to-be-done, pain points, and outcomes your product solves to reveal your strengths and differentiators.

Gain speed and momentum

Design a strategy that would otherwise take months with traditional  go-to-market methods.

Drive momentum with resources to accelerate your journey from a product idea to a new revenue stream.

Discover, decide, and ship fast.

"Predictable Innovation's go-to-market strategy workshop has been instrumental in clarifying our product positioning strategy and launch plan!

Their methods and deep understanding of technology markets are unmatched to commercialize high-tech innovations. They're the go-to team if you need help launching a new tech-based product or Innovation!"

Product Marketere

Lya Rebelo

Go-to-Market Strategy at Citeline


Organizing the go-to-market workshop


Pre-workshop preparation

This preparation step will help us diagnose your go-to-market GAPs, align for success and get familiar with your team, project, and culture.

Team selection

The first step of this preparation period will be to help you pick the team for the workshops. Depending on your organization's size, some positions you may want to have in the room are product innovation director, product manager, product marketing director, go-to-market director, commercialization director, and sales director.

If you're a small business or are launching an innovation that you expect to be a big part of your revenue in the future, the CEO and CMO must be in the room.

Product and market analysis

Our team will analyze your business objectives, product, go-to-market strategy, potential market(s), competition, and product adopters, following The Technology Adoption Lifecycle.

We'll do that by conducting secondary market research and primary research by interviewing your team.

Sessions schedule design

During this period, we will design the working sessions. The final schedule will be tailored for your specific needs.

For example, if we agree that you need to go through the full 10 go-to-market strategy points, a 4 days workshop is the recommended approach.

If we're focusing on specific elements like value proposition design or market prioritization, we can go for a single-day or single session go-to-market strategy workshop.


The working sessions

We'll facilitate the workshops to:

1/ Present our findings by following the elements of our go-to-market strategy framework: market opportunity, target customer profile, positioning strategy, core product offering, intangible attributes, revenue model, customer acquisition channels (sales plan, marketing, and partners), narrative and messaging, team and organization readiness.

2/ Host interactive canvas working sessions to listen and reflect on each other's perspectives with your team.

We'll act as go-to-market and innovation coaches by helping your team discover actionable solutions for the GAPs detected and define each element of your go-to-market strategy.

When you are approaching a go-to-market workshop, you want your team to come up with the solutions, and follow a design thinking approach of divergence-convergence to find the best ideas and then embrace them as a whole team. This is exactly how the sessions will be designed for each element of the go-to-market strategy and innovation we must discover and strategize:

  • Idea divergence phase: This phase is about discovering ideas that cover go-to-market strategy GAPs. Our innovation coach will encourage each of your team members to share their ideas. All ideas are good and will be placed in the canvas. For example, if we're discovering the best market to target, we will unveil ideas about industries, use cases and end-users we can target.
  • Solution convergence phase: This phase is about focus by voting the best ideas. We'll have your team voting for the best ideas by following a specific criteria. Following the example of target market selection, the target markets will be voted according to the recommended elements for a successful market selection. Your team will score each target market, and the result will be an order of attack to introduce your product in each of those targets that your team will chose with their votes.

This coaching approach will help your team embrace, commit to, and align with the go-to-market strategy, as they will come up with the solutions to implement.


Implementation roadmap and Q&A

One week after the workshops, we'll deliver a tailored action plan with clear directions to complete what your team has come up with during the sessions. That way you'll also get our experienced view to cover your go-to-market, positioning and product GAPs.

During this session, we'll answer all the questions you may have to clarify further the next steps you must take to successfully move from a product concept to a new revenue stream.


Happy and aligned team!

After the session, your team will feel heard and aligned towards a common strategy to accelerate your growth!

team alignment workshop

Adapted to your needs and budget

Full-day workshop

What's included:
Pre-workshop diagnosis session
Full-day with up to 7 sessions
Up to 7 topics or sessions
2- 12 team members

What's the investment: $4,500

Single-session workshop

What's included:
Pre-workshop diagnosis session
90 minutes working session
1 specific topic or session
2- 12 team members

What's the investment: $2,500

Sprint Week

What's included:
Pre-workshop diagnosis session
Market, product and company research
2 to 4 days
Longer sessions to discover more and agree on the best ideas
5- 15 team members
Post-workshop diagnosis, strategy and roadmap report

What's the investment: From $12,000