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We craft and test science-based go-to-market strategies for B2B Tech and SaaS, accelerating the path from innovation to profitable, sustainable growth.


              Your potential buyers' motivations are predictable.

Every technology market – including yours – has a predictable adoption pattern that follows the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle. A model that anticipates your potential buyers' motivations and needs.

From delivering 200+ projects, our team has revealed the 12 key drivers in technology buying decisions and observed common innovation and go to market misconceptions impacting growth.


We can help

An integrated process of innovation and go to market strategy aligned with the 12 key drivers in technology buying decisions.


Select your top growth opportunities

We'll assess your market opportunities and validate your potential product applications. Driven by your strengths and the market beliefs, we'll decide with you the roadmap of opportunities or segments to win.


Understand what value means for your target

We'll understand your target's reason to buy and their value definition based on the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework to define your Ideal Customer Profile.


Define a complete offering to win the market

Following our framework that anticipates the key drivers of technology buying, we'll define what will make your product complete and compelling. Your core product will be augmented with intangible attributes to reduce sales cycles and accelerate the path to sustainable growth.


Identify partners and allies to accelerate traction

To satisfy the buyers' requirement for a complete and compelling solution, we may need to identify and recruit the proper partners and allies, including but not limited to finding selling channel partners.


Create a customer-aligned positioning that resonates

We'll create your value proposition and positioning messages to be seen as a differentiated, credible provider. Your key messages will address the concerns of different buyers with a set of technology, product, market, and company messages.


Select and enable familiar distribution channels for your target

We'll identify the marketing and sales channels that align with your target buyers to make your investments worthwhile. We will work with you to design the enablement activities for each channel.


Incentivize distribution channels

Your strategy will reflect the monetary incentives to market and sell your product through suppliers, partners and other commercial channels.


Drive industry-wide awareness

We'll design a product launch or repositioning sequence that leverages your market's ecosystem, your competitive strengths, and the existing market perceptions to optimize positive WOM.

"Predictable Innovation really gets the job done! They've  implemented a best-in-class Go to Market process for our new product introductions."

Julie Taylor

Product Marketing Director

"Predictable Innovation methods and guidance have been an absolute aha moment! Now, we're ready to accelerate our revenue with a more compelling and differentiated position."

Rebeca Sanz

Global Revenue & Growth Director

"Predictable Innovation helped us prioritize the segments to enter the US with our Augmented Reality solution. They also crafted a go-to-market strategy with a differentiated positioning and value proposition to help us win in this very crowded market."

Jin Park

Global Business Development

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