Positioning Strategy eBook

27 pages of deep dive into positioning, differentiation and market segmentation for technology-based products and innovations.


What is this for?

Positioning Strategy is the single largest influence on technology and innovations buying decision. We have created this eBook to help you build a wining market position.

  • Learn fundamentals on how the Technology Adoption Lifecycle impacts competitive positioning.
  • Have a thorough understanding of your opportunities and Ideal Customer Profile.
  • Prioritize market opportunities.
  • Build a differentiated positioning that aligns with your market.
  • Learn how to build market influence, awareness and WOM.
  • Design an influence and awareness program.
  • Self-asses your position.

What's the content of the eBook?

We describe our methods with examples and case studies to build a customer-aligned position. The topics we cover are:

  • Positioning strategy fundamentals.
  • Market segmentation / opportunity assessment.
  • Competitive differentiation in tech.
  • Building your Ideal Customer Profile.
  • Crafting your positioning statement.
  • Helping the market position your product/business.
  • The market infrastructure —or ecosystem— concept.
  • Market ecosystem relations as the key to positioning your product.
  • Key competitive positioning tasks as your market evolves.
  • Self-test your competitive positioning strength.

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