Predictable Innovation, realized.

We craft market-centric strategies that align with the predictable needs of technology and innovation buyers.

At our core, we're rebels who fight against the go to market & innovation misconceptions and hypes that are killing countless innovations.

Our expertise is a science.

Our proven methods build on the original Technology Adoption Lifecycle, popularized in The Diffusion of Innovations by Everett Rogers in 1961. Our 6 frameworks — 3 patented — uphold the science of how humans accept innovations and technologies in the market.

With our science-based frameworks, we have helped 200+ Tech/SaaS companies win their market since 1991. Learn our key frameworks →

We exist to crush the inefficiencies of innovation commercialization.

Time and time again, we see Tech/SaaS companies fall victim to growth hacks, quick fixes, and other strategy snake oils hyped by tactical mindsets which don't understand technology markets.

We're passionate about helping B2B Tech/SaaS leaders understand how winning strategies must follow the predictable evolution of their markets and focus on market-driven decisions that require audacity to execute.

That's also why we invest in countless free tools, articles and guides so that everyone can have access to and apply our methods to get one step closer to transforming innovations into profitable, sustainable businesses.

We want all innovations to have a fighting chance.

We love technology—heck, we specialize in it. From the first manmade fire to AI/ML and other world-changing technology, we believe each innovation has the potential to move humanity forward.

We're all about challenging the go-to-market misconceptions and inefficiencies that destroy meaningful product survival chances. No innovation should fizzle out before it has a shot at being the next greatest thing.

1% pledge to help carbon removal innovations.

Innovation will play a critically important role in helping fight climate change. We’re building the capabilities to help these world-changing technologies succeed, and in the meantime, we donate a fraction of our revenue to help new carbon removal technologies scale.

Meet your strategy allies.

Warren an authentic marketing pioneer for tech!

His grandfather was a professor at Ohio State University along with Everett Rogers, so he learned all about “Diffusion of Innovations”. He pioneered the development of the Technology Adoption Lifecycle, “The Marketing Chasm" (later popularized in Crossing The Chasm), the Customer Alignment Lifecycle™, and the Low-Risk Recipe. All frameworks to accelerate innovations/tech products diffusion and adoption.

Warren guides, educate, and help founders, CEOs, and product managers avoid the loss of sales traction by staying aligned with the ever-changing needs of their customers.

He has developed the product marketing strategy for several of the most significant technological innovations of the last twenty years, also making substantial contributions to emerging high-tech companies during their formation years, including Apple, Adobe, Harman International, Intermec, MicroConnex, Audion Labs, BioScan, Pacific Horizon Ventures, and many others.

Warren has helped over +200 technology-based products succeed in over 30 years of consulting!

Jose a change agent bridging strategy and execution!

Founder & CEO of Predictable Innovation. He is a fractional leader, advisor, and instructor focused on developing go-to-market strategies and building commercial organizations to help tech products accelerate revenue growth while driving organizational alignment.

Executive MBA by IESE and Disruptive Strategy Certified by Harvard, Jose led strategy, sales, business development, and partner teams as Chief Commerical Officer in the USA and Europe at B2B software corporations, achieving 120% growth in less than three years and x3 EBITDA in 1 year.

While directing growth for his employers, Jose launched a B2C real estate innovation in Spain that led to a new market-category creation.

Jose has driven growth x2 and EBITDA x3 for his employers as Commercial Officer while disrupting the real state market with a new business model!

Our team has helped commercialize some well-known technological advancements over the last three decades.

"When it comes to go-to-market strategy, these guys really know their stuff! If we add up their communication and flexibility, it makes them a no-brainer choirce to validate and bring new tech products to market"

Caleb Dow

Senior Product Marketer, Introhive

Five principles we live by.

1 — Market first.

We believe the market knows best. Everything we do is driven by market intelligence and the innovation adoption curve — no guesswork, hunches, or resource waste.

2 — Bring the market to you.

We believe the market positions your product, not you. And we also believe your product’s buy-ability is more critical than your sell-ability to sustainably lure buyers from the market.

3 — Fit with the market, again.

We recognize the ever-changing motivations and needs of technology buyers, and we work to fit your strategy with the market lifecycle phase you’re in as a key to outperforming average growth.

4 — Seek to sustain.

We believe a strong GTM strategy outperforms short-term tactics by building differentiators and moats — other than technology and features — that make business models hard to copy or fail. How we build sustainable advantage →

5 — Drive impact.

Strategy impact may be difficult to measure, so we are relentless about offering ways to build observable value to clients, partners, and society.

Allies to build growth.

Why we're well-liked.

Let's challenge misleading hypes, and benchmarks that will ruin your innovation growth.


We pioneered methods —3 patented — refined across decades that are widely used by leaders to improve their innovation and go to market processes confidently.


No more hunches. We bring an unbiased perspective and craft your strategy based on what your market believes and your strengths to gain an unfair advantage.


We take pride in devising a completely custom, market-first strategy for every product and company we help— based on the predictable innovation adoption curve and market truths.


We acknowledge the fast-moving nature of startups and innovation cycles, and offer different types of services to adapt to your speed like workshops.


We are continuously seeking and recruiting tactical partners and allies to help you implement our strategic job.


We’ll stick around to solve your execution challenges as fractional leaders or guide you as advisors to drive business impact.

Strategy pioneers for tech

We don't stop contributing to the marketing, product, sales, and innovation strategy spaces with evergreen frameworks to help tech products succeed. Some of our methods have been popularized in Crossing "The Chasm" book and used to create market leadership for over 200 companies since 1991!

The Technology Adoption Lifecycle and the "Marketing Chasm"

Innovation adoption and product marketing strategy frameworks co-created by Warren at Regis McKenna and later popularized by Geoffrey Moore in the book "Crossing The Chasm".

The Low-Risk Recipe™

The latest and most powerful version of the whole product concept. The Low Risk-Recipe guides you in every phase of your market to reduce the risk perception of your tech-based product to expand market acceptance and reduce sales cycles while building lasting advantage.

The Customer Alignment Lifecycle™

A Go to Market strategy framework based on the predictable sequence of the Technology Adoption Lifecycle, making innovation and new-product success predictable.

The Selling Transition Curve™

Our sales strategy framework guides you along the product lifecycle on the type of sales approach to build to perfectly fit your prospective customer's needs.

The Jobs-To-Be-Done Whole Product Strategy


A different angle on the whole product concept approach from the Jobs-To-Be-Done lens with a human-centric perspective to build your product and brand.

Download the Competitive Positioning Strategy Blueprint for B2B Saas/Tech

Download our 12 pages blueprint to build a competitive positioning strategy that helps the market position your product in a way that is beneficial for your sales.

Our Principles

We understand that deciding whom to partner with for this job might be a stressful decision for you. Hopefully, we'll make that decision easier by giving you some context into our way of thinking. We hope it will help you see what we are about!

Every business is different

Peter Drucker's quote "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" summarizes that regardless of how good a business plan is, its execution will be weak without aligning it with an organization's culture.

We start our engagements with a detailed internal questionnaire or initial workshop to identify your internal perspectives on your product, market, and competition. Most importantly, to help understand the work dynamics and cultural fit of everyone involved in the process.

Strategy is not one-size-fits-all

A product marketing strategy that works for high-risk perception products won't work for low-risk perception products, just like a product offering that works for one segment may not work in another. Your market maturity phase is also essential to consider when deciding what positioning and messaging will resonate most with different adopter profiles. For example, an innovation that achieves great growth rates with early adopters may not have the same traction with early majority if it is seen as too risky by those who are less willing to try out new things on their own.

After 30 years of helping tech products succeed, we know that we need a deep understanding of your business, product, market-category dynamics, and customer behavior before building your winner strategy.

That's why we always include a market strategy assessment in our engagements, and we only partner with clients who align themselves to this way of working.

Product-market fit is a transitory concept

Although it's easy to be fooled into thinking you have product/market fit, if your product isn't aligned with the fundamental characteristics of your customers, profitability will be hard to achieve or take longer than expected.

Your product adopters' characteristics, needs, and motivations change along the Technology Adoption Lifecycle (market-category maturity). They require different marketing & sales strategies to convince them to buy from you. Selling to different adopter profiles is like selling to different markets.

Every time your product faces a new wave of adoption because the market matures, or if you want to win a new segment or new geography, you have to gain product-market fit again. That means revisiting your sales, product, and marketing strategy to realign your business elements with your new customer's characteristics.

We'll build your strategy fully aligned with the next wave of customer characteristics expected for your product to convince them to buy from you and find your next "product-market fit". And we'll do so by following our proprietary frameworks: The Customer Alignment Lifecycle™ and The Low-Risk Recipe™.

Technology-based advantages are short-term

Have you ever watched Moneyball movie? It perfectly mimics how a market and people react when introducing a breakthrough innovation. It is fascinating to see the Oakland Athletics Baseball scout and coaching team fighting against change, fighting against a new way of scouting the top players with a data analysis tool and new statistical formulas. After adopting this new technology, Oakland Athletics Baseball was the runner-up that year, with one of the lowest budgets in the MLB.

The new tech tool created a dramatic competitive advantage for Oakland Athletics over the other league franchises. However, not everyone knows that the following season, almost all the franchises in the MLB had adopted a similar technology for scouting and hiring new players. It was not a lasting competitive advantage. Their new tech tool was a short-term advantage.

The same happens with any technological advantage you might have. It is a short-term advantage that won't last.

Sustainable growth and lasting competitive advantage are achieved through a strong market positioning, building a set of low-risk perception attributes in your business model impossible to copy all at once, and increasing your market power. We'll help your business create these three different moats when designing your offering strategy with The Low Risk-Recipe™.

We seek partners who share this way of thinking and let us work towards sustainable, defensible growth.

– James Godfrey, CFO, Cardamom

Sharing is caring

We love to share what we know and what we would learn working with you. Most importantly, we want you to feel that you are NOT locked with us forever!

From knowledge transfer sessions to training or hiring your in-house team, we'll help with anything you need to transition once we're not there seamlessly!

What they say...

Jose is a hyper-competent, trained, creative, proactive professional with a strategic vision and orientation towards excellence and ambitious objectives. However, what's most valuable about him: Jose is an excellent person; he is generous, team-oriented, optimistic, kind, and very human.

Hugo De Juan, Ph.D., CEO & owner

I have used the concepts and techniques I learned from Warren every single day for the last 15 years.

George Henry, PhD

Jose Bermejo is one of the most successful and knowledgeable professionals I have enjoyed working with for many years. He approaches strategy development in a comprehensive, experience-based manner, making it easier for me to work together for our clients.

Warren Schirtzinger, Market Pioneer

Jose's business vision and marketing skills, together with his discipline and perseverance, lead him to undertake any challenge with resounding success. I strongly recommend José for business leadership and strategy.

Vanessa Sosa, General Manager Europe, Havaianas

Let's work together.

We partner with founders, CEOs, C-Level or VP leaders who have the authority to move resources, and the willingness to challenge the status quo.

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