Why partnering with us?

We combine functional & strategic expertise in marketing, sales, innovation and leadership for tech to deliver results as an extension of your team.

Meet Warren, an authentic marketing pioneer for tech!

His grandfather was a professor at Ohio State University along with Everett Rogers, so he learned all about “Diffusion of Innovations”. He pioneered the development of the Technology Adoption Lifecycle, “The Marketing Chasm" (later popularized in Crossing The Chasm), the Customer Alignment Lifecycle™, and the Low Risk Recipe. All of them frameworks to accelerate innovations/tech products diffusion and adoption.

Warren guides, educate, and help founders, CEOs, and product managers avoid the loss of sales traction by staying aligned with the ever-changing needs of their customers.

He has developed the product marketing strategy for several of the most significant technology innovations of the last twenty years, also making significant contributions to emerging high-tech companies during their formation years, including Apple, Adobe, Harman International, Intermec, MicroConnex, Audion Labs, BioScan, Pacific Horizon Ventures, and many others.

Warren has helped over 200 technology-based products succeed over 30 years consulting

Meet Jose, a change agent connecting the dots between strategy and execution!

Founder of Predictable Innovation, and partner advisor at PartnerReady. He is fractional leader, advisor, and instructor focused on developing product marketing & sales strategies to help tech products accelerate revenue growth while driving organizational alignment.

Executive MBA by IESE and Disruptive Strategy Certified by Harvard, Jose led strategy, sales, business development and partner teams as Chief Revenue Officer in the USA and Europe at B2B software corporations, achieving 120% growth in less than 3 years and x3 EBITDA in 1 year.

While directing growth for his employers, Jose launched a B2C real estate innovation in Spain that led a new market-category creation.

Jose has driven growth x2 and EBITDA x3 for his employers as CRO!

We're trusted advisors and instructors

Marketing, sales and innovation strategy pioneers

We don't stop contributing to the marketing, sales and innovation strategy spaces with evergreen frameworks to help tech products succeed. Some of our methods have been popularized by best seller books and used to create market leadership for over 200 companies since 1991!

The Technology Adoption Lifecycle and the "Marketing Chasm"

Innovation adoption and marketing frameworks co-created by Warren at Regis McKenna, and later popularized by Geoffrey Moore in the book "Crossing The Chasm".

The latest and most powerful version of the whole product model. Guides you in every phase of your market to reduce the risk perception of your business+product to expand market acceptance while building competitive advantage.

A market-strategy framework that builds on the predictable sequence of the technology adoption lifecycle, making innovation and new-product success predictable.

The Selling Transition Curve™

Sales strategy framework to understand the sales approach your tech product needs depending on the stage of your market-category.


A whole product model approach from the Jobs-To-Be-Done lens with a human centric perspective to build your product and brand.

What they say...

Jose is a hyper-competent, trained, creative, proactive professional with a strategic vision and orientation towards excellence and ambitious objectives. However, what's most valuable about him: Jose is an excellent person; he is generous, team-oriented, positive and optimistic, kind, and very human.

Hugo De Juan, PhD, Encamina.com CEO & owner

I have used the concepts and techniques I learned from Warren, every single day for the last 15 years.

George Henry, PhD

Jose Bermejo is one of the most successful and knowledgeable professionals with whom I have had the pleasure of working for many years. He approaches strategy development in a comprehensive, experience-based manner, which makes it easier for me to work together for our clients.

Warren Schirtzinger, Market Pioneer

Jose's business vision and marketing skills, together with his discipline and perseverance, lead him to undertake any challenge with resounding success. I strongly recommend José for business leadership and strategy.

Vanessa Sosa, General Manager Europe, Havaianas

Not another consulting firm... we won't leave you alone during execution!

Think on us like your product marketing & sales executives team that will lay out and execute the best strategy for accelerating market acceptance for your product, so that you can focus on other things! This is how we'll ensure driving expected results for your company.




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