Positioning Strategy Q&A

Join us in this 45-minutes live session to get answers, tested methods, and real-world examples to build a differentiated and credible market position for your product, brand, or innovation.


           What to expect from our positioning Q&A?

We have created this free positioning strategy Q&A session for tech products, companies, and innovations to help with innovation and go-to-market challenges that may be solved with the right strategic positioning.

Each session attendant MUST participate by sharing questions and challenges, so that we can provide answers and deliver an insightful session.

The session is remote and live, and it takes 45-minutes. Our goal is to provide you with answers, tested methods, templates and real world examples to build a differentiated and credible market position for your product, brand, or innovation in a way that lasts and creates a sustained competitive advantage.

All with the back of 3 decades of experience in tech products by the pioneers of "The Chasm" marketing framework.

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This session is for you if you're:


→ Top or mid-level directors
in Innovation, Commercialization, Marketing, or Product Marketing.

→ Scale-ups, mid-market and enterprises in B2B tech/SaaS.

This session will help you if you are in any of these stages:

You're launching a new tech-based product or innovation and you wonder what is the market and position that will enable you to win.

You need to revitalize growth, reduce sales-cycles or anticipate downturns by repositioning your tech-based product/brand.

You need to transition your market position from technology and product narrative to an industry-insider narrative to sell into the mainstream.

Senior Strategy Consultant. . . and the creator of "The Chasm" framework!


Warren Schirtzinger

His grandfather was Everett Rogers' colleague, so he learned all about the "Diffusion of Innovations" while growing up. In 1989, he discovered and coined The Marketing Chasm pattern while working at Regis McKenna, a well-known marketing strategy consultancy in Silicon Valley. This framework was later popularized inCrossing The Chasm book. Warren has dedicated his entire life to bringing to market +200 innovations, including some of the early Apple and Adobe products.

Managing Partner & Senior Strategy Consultant


Jose Bermejo

MBA from a top-3 Business School, Disruptive Strategy by Harvard, Ex-Chief Commercial Officer for B2B tech businesses, and entrepreneur. He is a scholar, consultant and operator focused on go-to-market strategy, management, and innovation strategy. You'll find him creating strategies for clients, mentoring startups and hitting the gym. Meanwhile, he continues learning to improve, create and educate about methods to help innovations and businesses in tech.


         Why this session will impact your next strategic decisions and growth?

Strategic thinking, actionable

Our working principles focus on long-term advantage [strategy > tactics].

No matter if you are launching a new product, our answers and reflections will be oriented to put you in a position to build lasting advantage and sustainable growth to win your market, but also how to act now with real-world actions you can implement with your team.

Pioneer positioning methods for tech

The hosts pioneered "The Chasm" marketing framework, later popularized in "Crossing The Chasm" book.

We'll use the foundations of these methods that follow the principles of why humans adopt technologies to understand how they may be impacting your product or business position. Most importantly, how to leverage them to build a stronger market position

Tailored answers for your challenges

We'll listen to you before sharing anything. Everything we'll share will be tailored for the leaders joining the session.

We may cover positioning subtopics like segmentation, category creation, whole product offering, innovation vs. core product positioning, key messaging, market ecosystems, differentiation, and long-term competitive advantage.

Consulting + CxO + entrepreneur experience

The session hosts combine consulting experience, with 200+ products launched over 30 years (including Apple and Adobe), with operation experience as Commercial & Revenue Officers in USA and Europe in B2B software companies, with entrepreneurial experience having launched several products and companies themselves.

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