Predictable Innovation's growth strategy framework

Truth is that is a framework of strategy frameworks. Let's drive you through all of them!

The Customer Alignment Lifecycle™ by Warren Schirtzinger, our lead consultant and co-creator of "The Chasm", aggregates several strategy frameworks to develop product marketing, go-to-market, and growth strategies for SaaS and tech. These growth strategy frameworks have been the fundamental methods to help more than 200 products grow over 30 years.

The Technology Adoption Lifecycle

Identify your market category and adoption phase

TACL growth strategy framework

The market for any given technology is dynamic. At different phases, there are adopter profiles that have their own psychographic characteristics and motivations looking for different outcomes.

The Technology Adoption Lifecycle is a sociological model that helps us understand why some people and businesses are more likely than others to adopt new products and how any given growth strategy should be adapted as the market matures.

The study of this process has given rise not only in understanding how society functions but is what helps us make innovation predictable, hence our name and logo!

How does it help with growth?

The Infrastructure Pyramid

This is how we see your ecosystem. Assess market opportunities, validate and drive industry awareness through your market ecosystem

infrastructure pyramid growth strategies

Every market has an ecosystem infrastructure of players between your product and the customer. 10% of these players influence the other 90%. Understanding the infrastructure forces and the top 10% influencers is critical to increasing Word-Of-Mouth to spread your product and grow your revenue.

The infrastructure pyramid is a powerful framework to validate products, introduce products in new or existing markets, drive market influence through awareness, and guide go-to-market strategy assessments by leveraging the power of your ecosystem.

How does it help with growth?

The Low-Risk Recipe™

Make your product more buyable and build a sustainable advantage.

whole product development strategy frameworks

We have found that most managers in SaaS and tech believe that building more or better tangible features will help products grow faster. That may be true to gather initial traction with new products, as innovators and early adopters care about technology and product. However, they are just 16% of any given technology market. To grow past product-market fit and achieve sustainable growth, all you need is to reduce the risk perception by adding intangibles to your offering.

The Low-Risk Recipe™ is our version of the whole product that helps to reduce risk perception and eases the buying decision for prospective customers while building sustaining advantage.

How does it help with growth?

The Bowling Pin Strategy

Focus your penetration strategy by prioritizing customer segment and use cases

bowling pin strategy market development

Many SaaS and tech-based products lose growth traction because they fail to define customer segments and understand how to serve their different needs when the market matures or becomes highly competitive. We've found that managers often think that they need to invest more in tactical marketing and content strategy to ignite revenue growth during this market phase. An investment that may be worthless if you don't have a clear roadmap of opportunities and segments to win. The bowling pin growth strategy framework helps tech and SaaS products to prioritize market opportunities, focus their market development strategy, and have a roadmap to develop a strong market position.

How does it help with growth?

The Competitive Positioning Evolution

Help your audience "get" the value you deliver for them at every stage of your market maturity

growth strategy messaging evolution tech

As a product moves through the Technology Adoption Lifecycle, prospective customers have different approaches to value. At each stage, you should know and adapt to what customers want to hear about.

By using the messaging evolution framework you'll have a sense of what prospective customers want to hear, allowing you to adapt your key positioning messages to their needs so that they will more quickly understand how you can help with your product.

How does it help with growth?

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