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Some businesses think that a competitive positioning strategy is as easy as having a fancy copy on their blogs, ads, or websites. The brutal truth is that the market positions your product, not you. All those tactics do nothing for your positioning.

Get the blueprint to build a competitive positioning strategy that helps your market position your product in a way that is beneficial for your sales.

What's in the competitive positioning strategy blueprint?

A 20-page PDF describing our proven method to develop market-leadership and build sustainable growth with:

  • Competitive Positioning Strategy fundamentals
  • Market Segmentation
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Building your positioning statement
  • Helping the market position your product/business
  • The market infrastructure —or ecosystem— concept
  • The market relations process
  • Key competitive positioning ToDos as your market matures
  • Indicators of Ineffective Positioning. Test your Competitive Positioning strength!

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competitive positioning strategy

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