Know what exactly you need to improve and fix, so that the growth doesn't stop!

Our 4 weeks growth strategy audit for B2B SaaS and technology-based products will help you avoid or correct business-critical issues like growth plateaus, sales stagnation periods, or increased CAC down the line.

And rest assured knowing that you are on the right path to grow sustainably.

The future is coming much quicker than we think, so your business must be prepared for the unexpected

COVID-19, supply chain crisis, world recession, climate change… Threads that are shaping a new world and slowing down or accelerating the maturity of tech-based markets. By anticipating how your market evolves, you can proactively prevent critical issues before they even happen… or fix them if you’re already facing them.

External market assessment, diagnosis, and advice

We'll perform an agile market-strategy assessment. We'll have a chance to compare your current company with the externally perceived ideal growth factors. This will give you an advantage in understanding what growth-critical areas need improvement!

Internal assessment

We'll send a questionnaire to your key leaders in marketing, sales, and product growth to understand and assess your internal state, perspectives, and alignment.

Growth strategy workshop

We'll set up a session with you and your top leadership team to discuss our findings and map out a plan to help you grow sustainability and enhance efficiency in sales, marketing, and product operations.

A 3-step 4-weeks systemized diagnosis check to prevent or correct critical growth issues

A systemized diagnosis check for SaaS and technology products or services to help you unveil key growth areas out of alignment with your market and know what exactly you'll need to do to fix them.

The strategic growth elements we'll audit and advise

We'll find out the critical revenue growth elements that mismatch with your current and future potential customer's needs and characteristics... because innovation adoption is predictable!


Target Audience Characteristics

With the guidance of the Technology Adoption Lifecycle, we'll audit if you are meeting the needs of the majority of your market opportunity according to your market maturity phase and how your positioning fits with their characteristics, needs, and motivations.

Product Offering

With the guidance of the Low-Risk Recipe™, we'll find out the elements you need to improve in your product offering and communicate in your sales pitch + web to reduce sales cycles. If everything about it aligns with who should be buying right now, we'll advise on what your next wave of potential customers will want next to stay ahead.

Sales & Distribution Channels

We'll use our proprietary framework, The Selling Transition Curve™, to determine if your sales team and approach to selling is what your market demands. We'll also audit your channels to understand if you are reaching your audience through trusted channels.

Key Positioning Messages

We'll find out if your key positioning messages fit with customers' personalities, needs, and motivations. Plus, we will provide recommendations on how to fix them or ensure they are aligned for success in the next wave of market adoption.

Sales Funnel

We’ll audit your sales funnel in order to identify and fix potential risk perception issues so your customers are much easier to convince when they decide on their next purchase decision.

Organizational Alignment

We'll help uncover areas where your top leadership team members may have different perspectives so that they can work together more smoothly, in alignment with market demands, to achieve your vision and revenue growth goals.

A sustainable growth strategy starts by knowing what exactly needs improvement and fixing before moving forward

Whether you are just starting or have been in business for decades, it is crucial to address any root causes that could be holding your company back. Understand the growth-related areas of improvement, so they do not come up again later on down the road with increased CAC, sales stagnation, or growth plateaus.

Stay ahead of strategic growth issues with our 4 weeks diagnosis check

And rest assured by knowing you're on the right path to grow sustainably.


Reach your next growth stage faster

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