Level up your Go to Market & growth strategy skills for tech

Upgrade your team skills while creating a Go to Market strategy that follows the predictable evolution of your market to reach your next growth stage faster.

Upgrade your (team) skills with training and strategy workshops

Low-Risk Recipe Certification

Learn the 12 attributes the market evaluates before buying tech products and apply them to your product marketing strategy to sell more and reduce sales cycles. Walk home with a deep understanding of how to build a unique low-risk product offering in every stage of the market maturity to increase tech/SaaS product's market acceptance, build sustainable growth or defend your market-leadership position. 

Audience: CEOs, CROs, Product Managers, Product Marketers, and Go to Market Leaders in tech

Crossing The Chasm Workshop

A 2-sessions, 4-hour workshop to help discontinuous innovations get out of the Chasm and take your product to the mainstream before you run out of cash.

Audience: CEOs, CROs, Product Managers, Product Marketers, and Go to Market Leaders in tech

Go to Market Strategy Bootcamp

A 6-week live course with assignments to build your SaaS/tech Go to Market strategy. Includes:

  • 6 Live lessons with your team to create your 10-point Go to Market strategy.

  • Up to 10 participants

  • Weekly assignments to apply the lessons to your product/business

  • Weekly coaching sessions to review and provide feedback on your assignments

  • Checklists and templates to support your assignments

Best suited for: CEOs, CROs, Product Managers, Product Marketers and Go to Market Leaders in tech.

Apply our methods to your business with our free resources

Go to Market for SaaS/tech foundations course

Learn how we do Go to Market & growth strategy for tech with an overview of our methods to expand market acceptance and accelerate revenue growth with this 1-hour & 6-lessons FREE course.

Offering + Positioning Template

If you're facing longer sales cycles, use the template to assess if your positioning messages and product offering are aligned with your prospective customers' characteristics.

Low-Risk Recipe™ video

Learn more about the whole product model and how to apply the Low-Risk Recipe™ to your tech/SaaS business with a 40-minutes video. Understand the foundations of having a complete tech-based product that helps you reduce cycles, build competitive advantage and achieve sustainable growth.

Go To Market Strategy Guide

Read our 10 steps Go to Market Strategy framework guide to understand the questions you'll need to answer in each step to build a proper strategy for your product.

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Reach your next growth stage faster

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