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Pioneering GTM Sprint to move your innovation or product to the next growth stage in just 4 days with a complete go to market strategy and launch sequence.


           What is a go to market strategy sprint?

We're pioneering the GTM Sprint to reduce the time-to-results of the go to market process while enhancing and aligning teams during the sessions.

The method is inspired by the Google Ventures Design Sprint. With GTM Sprints, we pack the key parts of our frameworks and methods in a structured 4-day program with different workshop sessions to define or refresh your go to market strategy from a customer-centric perspective.

A GTM Sprint works better than other consulting or fractional leadership engagements when you're in a rush, have execution capacity, and want to drive team alignment, engagement, and enhancement.

Go to market strategy workshop

Our 4-day go to market workshop compresses months of work into 4 days of effective, pleasant, and creative team collaboration.

The idea is straightforward. A small team of 3 to 8 members clears its calendar for 4 days, and dedicates itself to following the process, rapidly progressing from uncertainty to clarity and focus.

Your team will be actively designing the strategy during the 4 days. Our top-notch strategists will be prepared with market strategy insight gained through interviews and secondary research to enrich the sessions and strengthen your strategy with an external, objective perspective.

After the Sprint, we will build your key positioning messages platform and help you take the next steps to move the project forward with a roadmap of actions and a Q&A session.

go to market workshops process
Product Launch Sequence

Ideal customer profile with existing scenario and desired solution, based on the Jobs-To-Be-Done method.
Complete product offering based on The Low-Risk Recipe™ framework.

→ Differentiated value proposition, and key positioning messages.
Distribution channels and partner identification.
→ Product launch or brand repositioning sequence
→ Implementation roadmap


           What to expect from our go to market Sprint?

Align your team and business

Bring together a diverse group of stakeholders or team members and create a shared vision and direction.

Upskill your team

Learn our techniques to strategically thinking on how to prioritize opportunities, focus your positioning, differentiate and bring innovations to market. We’ll give you all the tools so that your team can keep using them to solve future challenges.

Reduce risks and uncertainty

Get an external, objective perspective with market insights and strategic direction that will help reduce risk and uncertainty during your new product launch.

Gain speed and momentum

In a single week, gain learnings and design a strategy that would otherwise take months with traditional innovation and go to market strategy development methods. Leverage our sprint to drive momentum and resources to accelerate your innovation go to market proccess.


           Sprint program overview

What follows is a detailed agenda of our 4-day go to market workshop. The program is designed for 3-8 participants with the goal of bringing together your teams' perceptions (internal) and the market beliefs (external) to craft your go to market strategy in a reduced amount of time.

2 weeks before the sprint Assess and tailor to your unique situation
The Sprint Week
2 weeks after the sprint — Deliver positioning platform, impact actions and Q&A session

Is a GTM Sprint right for you?

Chat with one of our strategy experts to understand if the GTM Sprint fits with your current needs and situation.

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