Innovate right.
Go to market right.
Grow right.

Join our AI-Assisted Product Marketing Strategy Course. Save time and speed-up your process by learning the system we use to develop our clients' strategy assisted by Artifical Intelligence.


Innovation Strategy

Cut through the noise to make better informed, market-driven innovation and product decisions.

Market assessment & opportunity selection

Maximize your return by identifying and prioritizing potential growth opportunities and target markets for your new products, major features, and concepts.

Market need &
product offering validation

Gather market evidence to de-risk, reinforce or invalidate your assumptions.

Go-to-market Strategy

Reach your next growth stage faster with a go to market strategy & business activities that align with your market needs and motivations.

Competitive positioning &

Articulate differentiated and relevant messages to allow your product and company to be seen as a credible provider with a compelling solution to win your market.

Customer profiling & value proposition design

Gain a deep understanding of unsolved pains, jobs to be done, and desired outcomes of your target market. Design a differentiated value proposition and a complete product offering aligned with it.

Commercialization & launch sequence

Define a commercialization sequence to sell and educate about your products in existing or emerging markets in a way that creates a stronger market position.

Channels selection & enablement

Make brighter sales and marketing investments by selecting, incentivizing, and enabling familiar channels for your target at the right time of your product lifecycle.

Ecosystem &
partner strategy

Find and recruit ecosystem players influencing buying decisions to increase your product’s perceived value, accelerate your go to market, and build competitive advantage.

Business model design

Your business model can reinforce or kill your go to market. Design the proper business activities to enhance your competitive advantage and value creation in the long run.


             Packed services or tailored projects.

Gain clarity and focus by developing the basics of your Go to Market or Product Marketing Strategy.

What's included in the GTM Clarity package?

Identify GAPs with internal and external assessment.
Develop a thorough understanding of your target market by building the ideal customer profile.
Build differentiation and resonate by crafting a positioning platform with a complete product offering, value proposition, and key positioning messages.
Design market-aligned distribution channels and identify potential partners.
Drive team alignment and unify the vision with a virtual launch sequence workshop.
Act with an implementation roadmap.

The deliverables will be in the form of Miro boards, positioning documents, video instructions on how to use them, a presentation, a virtual product launch sequence workshop, and a Q&A session with your team. We'll also refine the deliverables with the feedback of your team.

The expected timeline for this starter package will vary depending on the complexity of your market, your product/innovation, and the availability of your team members. It will range from six to eight weeks.

Proven methods

Put together Jobs-To-Be-Done and The Low-Risk Recipe™ to define a customer-centric product offering and positioning messages.

Market + strengths

We'll build a positioning strategy that leverages your strengths and market beliefs to accelerate traction.

Implementation enablement

We'll get your team ready to implement with an implementation roadmap, a presentation and a Q&A session.


Derisk your product innovation and go to market by testing and validating it with your ideal customer profile and industry experts.

This package adds testing, validation, and strategy adjustments to reinforce the GTM Clarity package.

What's included in the GTM Certainty package?

Everything in the GTM Clarity package.
Market-test your offering, positioning, and value proposition through interviews and a B2B panel feedback through the testing tool wynter with your ideal customer profile and industry experts.
We'll have a session with your team to discuss the impact on your innovation/product and go-to-market.
We'll refine or change (or even pivot if it's what we find and agree with you) your GTM deliverables, including the implementation roadmap, based on the market tests.


We'll test, validate and strengthen your positioning, value proposition, and product offering with real people in your target market and industry.

Proven methods

Put together Jobs-To-Be-Done and The Low-Risk Recipe™ to define a customer-centric complete product and positioning messages.

Market + strengths

We'll refine or change your strategy with the market-test inputs. Still at the intersection of strenghts and market beliefs as the key formula to accelerate traction.


We'll meet you where you're at now and help you get to the next growth stage faster.

We'll provide ongoing executive support to you or your team with an integrated advisory to move your product or business forward. Imagine having an on-demand go to market leader and commercialization process know-how when you need it most.

What's included in the GTM as a Service?

→ Monthly, 90-minute actionable session with next month's actions list.
Weekly, 30-minute check-in and Q&A with us for your (or your team's) accountability and clarity.
Proven innovation and go to market templates, methods, and best practices.
Twice yearly virtual 1-day workshop session of your choice.

We work as a subscription service to provide ongoing executive assistance with innovation, go-to-market, and commercial planning for product and product marketing leaders, founders, CXOs in need of an experienced and strategic perspective.

Best practices

We'll share customer-centric go to market and innovation practices and frameworks to accelerating innovation traction.

Expert insights

We'll help you make sense of customer research, market data and industry insights to improve your innovation commercialization strategy.

Tied to tactics

We'll transform market insight, ideas, and knowledge into tactical or execution actions.


Get results at speed for specific innovation or go to market challenges.

We offer a range of 7 pre-designed working sessions to focus specifically on what you need to solve while enhancing your team skills, alignment, and cohesion with engaging sessions:

Opportunity Analysis / Segmentation — Unveil and prioritize your growth opportunities.
→ Value Proposition Design —
Design compelling and differentiated value propositions.
Product Launch Sequence — Create a launch roadmap focused on optimizing market pull.
Competitive Positioning — Find your product's sweet spot to build a market-leadership position.
→ Ecosystem Strategy —
Create an ecosystem of relationships to grow faster.
→ Product Offering Modeling —
Design a complete product offering to accelerate sales cycles and enhance competitive advantage.
→ GTM Sprint™ —
A 4-day sprint to build a complete strategy, fast.

The sessions will be delivered through the workshop-specific tools Miro and Butter to enhance collaboration and creativity. Our team will spend the 2 weeks before the workshop analyzing your market to bring an external, objective perspective with a designated strategist.

Speed To Results

In just days, gain learnings and design a strategy that would otherwise take months with traditional innovation and go to market methods.

Team Alignment

Bring together a diverse group of stakeholders or team members and create a shared vision and direction.

Team Enhancement

Your team will learn techniques to strategically thinking on how to prioritize market opportunities, focus your positioning, differentiate your messaging and commercialize new products.


We'll adapt to your specific needs to solve your innovation and go to market challenges.

If you think we can help you but none of the packages fits what you have in mind, let's chat about your current situation. We'll create a custom plan tailored to your needs that you can execute yourself or lean on us.

100% Market-Driven

We can increase the market assessment, testing and validation efforts.


We can mix and match the different methods and engagements we use – as far as it make sense to solve your challenges! That's our only priority.

Tied to tactics and execution

We can tie the service to tactics by leading the implementation as your Fractional Chief Commercial Officers.