Maximize your innovation contribution to revenue with Accelerate platform

Accelerate is our software platform designed to streamline, clarify and accelerate Go to Market & innovation programs to gain traction faster.


of new products fail


fail because of a lack of market need


run out of funding/cash


are outcompeted

(*)Sources: Harvard and CBInishgts.

Accelerate benefits

Accelerate your product innovation and go to market programs -- gain traction faster

Maximize your return on product, marketing, and sales investments

Create organization-wide awareness, alignment, and focus

Clarify your market opportunity and go to market strategy

Drive industry-wide awareness about your product

Save hundreds of hours with a centralized source of priorities and information

Are we a good fit?

Series A/B startups introducing a product or jumping to new geographies

SMB companies struggling to find a return on innovation

Small entrepreneur teams introducing new products

What can you do with Accelerate?

We have designed the platform based on the strategy method to help our clients clean, clarify and focus their go to market strategy and gain traction faster with their innovations.

Stay on top of the tasks and priorities to drive alignment and focus across the different teams (product development, product innovation, sales, sales enablement, product marketing, marketing, customer success, external partners...) or individuals working in each product innovation or go to market initiative. We call this feature the "focus inbox".

Manage a market-relations program with a relationship management tool to help you drive industry-wide awareness and market power. Keep track of the materials you're sharing with the top-tier influencers, and their information needs to position your product in the market. This feature is based on our market infrastructure framework.

Register, prioritize, and track the product offering attributes you'll need to build to have a differentiated and complete solution to convince most of your potential product buyers. This feature is based on The Low-Risk Recipe™ framework.

Centralize and keep track of your partner relationships to complete your product or assemble a channel.

Profile your Ideal Customer Profile (motivations, jobs to be done, pains, outcomes, desired scenarios) and segments. This feature follows our Ideal Customer Profile template.

Assess, validate, score and prioritize segments and use cases. This feature is based on our scoring system to assess growth opportunities.

Centralize and keep track of the marketing and sales enablement materials: positioning and messaging platform, FAQ, sales pitches, backgrounders, technology introduction presentations, white papers, press releases...

Centralize all the research resources, support materials, and links that are helping to inform your product innovation and Go to Market strategy.

Centralize and maintain your competitor database and compare their offering attributes with your attributes to build differentiation with the Low-Risk Recipe™ framework.

How does it work?

We'll help you get up to speed as your program managers, advisors, or fractional executives, with a short service built on top of the platform.

Set up

After an initial strategy call, we'll recommend an approach to address your innovation and Go to Market issues. With your challenges and needs in mind, we'll set up the Accelerate platform and build a roadmap with an advisory service or a fractional executive service built on top of the Accelerate platform to get your team off the ground quickly.

Execution and acceleration

We'll onboard you into the platform and have weekly meetings to prioritize goals and tasks for you and your team as your Go to Market or Innovation program managers and advisors. We'll create and follow-up the tasks through the Accelerate platform so that you and your team are well aware of what to focus on to accelerate your innovation and Go to Market process. If you need more speed and expertise, we may also be your fractional executives and execute for you with the support of Accelerate.

Transition and use as a SaaS

Once you feel you're ready to take the lead without us, you'll continue using the platform for a monthly fee for each product/innovation you want to accelerate, just like any other subscription-pricing model.

Let's talk about how Accelerate can help with your innovation and go to market challenges.

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